[BAE] Sub Quest: Medical Treatment

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Sub Quest: Medical Treatment


Karyu tilted his head to one side, pondering quietly about the man who seemed to be in need of a medication.

Surely this island has various kinds of plants, both healing and poisonous. And, apart from that, it occurred to him that this very ailment of Imnand is somewhat..... interesting. And sure enough, that him, himself, HIM, THIS MAN, has somehow triggered his mind into yet a greater ponder over what, truly, is he. Just a man he seems to be, or rather, something beyond that?

He hadn’t trusted this man from day one. And he would not let this opportunity slip pass by- an opportunity to study him, to study this illness, to study the plants. Kahahstinęhs grinned widely in his head.


“urhá'?nakęw…” In the forest…


He has been hearing about a certain plant, a flower, which grows in the forest and has power to ease one’s mind. The name was Beauty Whis. Too much of it could make one went all floating in his dream.


Oh how he wonder what would it be like for that man on his sickbed to try this.


Or perhaps a little too much of this.




It wasn't long until he found what he was looking for. Just almost stumble on a Grindertun, having to pry Parasite Worms out of his clothes, and fighting an urge to catch Cucken Bird and turn it into a grilled bird. It was nothing at all, but a nothing that earned him a scratch on his face and had made him somehow moody.

He reached his hand down and plucked a small, fragile flower up. Studying it closely yet making sure he won't sniff any of its sickening sweet scent in. It looked quite normal alright. He then wondered quietly how come could such small flower as this cause any greater harm in a man's mind.





“wá?kha?w” I brought it.



He put his hand out and handed over a small flower in his palm.

And all that left is to wait and see when Imnand takes the drug.

Sub Quest: Medical Treatment [END]
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